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Boost welding productivity up to 40%

Wallinga is a world-leader in manufacturing long-lasting roll-off containers and trailers and have seen unprecedented improvements from using ALM Positioners.

“ALM views our gain as their gain”

“We’ll present a scenario... they’ll integrate a custom solution”

“provides the support we need day in and day out,”

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Trusted by these leading manufacturers

Trusted by these leading manufacturers

Why your company needs a positioner

Retain & attract good employees

The ergonomic improvements that positioners offer can help attract and retain good employees.

Increase profits with higher productivity

Most our customers see a return on investment of less than 12 months with an average 40% increase in productivity.

A machine that evolves with your needs

Our lineup of products is modular, making them versatile and easy to customize to your evolving business needs.

Make a safer work environment

Positioners eliminate hazards by securely elevating and rotating parts to an optimal working position.

Types of positioners

Designed for assembly, material handling, and welding applications

Headstock & Tailstock

4,000 - 125,000 lbs

3-Axis Skyhook & Drop Center

3,500-10,000+ lbs

Headstock Only / Single Column

1,000 - 25,000 lbs

"The positioner has improved everything across the board for us.. the safety of our employees has greatly improved... we've gained so much productivity... and we get a much better weld faster from a less skilled welder."

Randy Lukesh

Director of Operations, E-Pak

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custom solutions partner

Download our free case study to learn how Wallinga, a global trailer manufacturer, has benefit from their partnership with ALM.

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Frequently asked questions

How does this effect Ergonomics

Employees no longer need to do gymnastics around the part using ladders, scaffolding, forklifts, and other dangerous rigs. This is exhausting to your team. Our positioners minimize the risk of injury and reduce fatigue. When you give employees the ability to elevate and rotate the part with the help of a positioner, they can work in safe, comfortable positions. 

What will my support be like?

Our customers trust us because we’re responsive, experienced and focused on solutions. You’ll get dedicated support and partnership from day one. As you use your positioner, we will be available to fabricate new custom solutions for your business' changing needs.

What industries do you serve?

Customers in a wide range of industries trust ALM Positioners. The reason? We combine highly effective positioners with a solution-driven customer experience rivaled by none. As the pioneer of intelligent positioner equipment, customers rely on our experience and product quality to help them succeed.

Some industries include

  • Construction equipment: agriculture & forestry
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Trailer (semi & recreational)
  • Train
  • Subway
  • Military defense
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Boat industry
  • Power Generation
  • Bus
  • Lift truck
  • Robotics
What if my needs change?

When needs change, so do our positioners. You can leverage your investment with re-deployable capital by adding onto your existing positioner and reconfiguring it into a programmable, automation ready or ready-to-integrate with a robot positioner.

A letter from our CRO

“We’re able to handle flexible, custom projects quickly. We can come up with positioner that’s hydraulic-powered, or even an electric rotation solution. You name it, we can find the perfect configuration to fit your assembly needs.

With these positioners, you can easily get to both sides of the part that is lifted – simplifying the entire process. That, combined with custom tooling capabilities, allows us to create a tailored solution whether you’re working in small-part assembly, or you have large, oblong parts that are cumbersome to access. Give us your assembly challenge, and we’ll be sure to exceed expectations.”

Kevin Toft
Chief Revenue Officer

Boost your company's productivity by 40%

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